The 5 best villas in Lake Como to visit at least once

The best dreamy villas in Lake Como by @idressitalian

Charm, elegance and exclusivity. These are the most suitable words to describe Lake Como. Along its two main banks, which overlook the cities of Como and Lecco, this lake offers an enchanting landscape composed of small villages to be discovered, each with its peculiarities and traditions that blend well with the surrounding nature and that make it a unique place in Italy and in the world. The main feature that makes this place special is certainly the presence of numerous historic villas that overlook the lake and still maintain a unique and untouched charm despite the passing of the years. The villas, each with its own history and its own gardens, represent a fundamental stop to make, especially in spring when the blooms give life to a sight of colours and scents not to be missed. Unfortunately, not all the villas on the lake can be visited inside, while others allow entry exclusively during certain periods of the year or in conjunction with particular events; below is a brief list of the five most beautiful villas to visit during your stay in Como and the surrounding area. Discover them by clicking the button below >

Scritto da Diego Civitelli

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