Belmond Hotel Caruso, the pearl of Ravello

The Divina Costiera is not just history and landscape, but also luxury and tradition. Come and discover the Belmond Hotel Caruso, the flowery palace overlooking the sea, in the words of @idressitalian

Belmond Hotel Caruso, the pearl of Ravello – The Amalfi Coast is a destination that will always remain in the heart of lovers of Italy. Wonderful cliffs, beaches and cities that seem to be jewels set in natural settings of overwhelming beauty. But also jet-set, luxury and celebrities. The Amalfi coast has always combined tradition with internationality, all in the name of a legendary style that is envied around the world. Among the most famous destinations there is certainly Ravello, a small but spectacular city that enjoys breathtaking views and a beauty that only a city in the South can boast. Here is one of the most beautiful hotels on the entire coast: the Belmond Hotel Caruso. Discover it by clicking the button below >

Scritto da Lorenzo Salamone

Belmond Hotel Caruso

Belmond Hotel Caruso, la perla di Ravello

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