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    Vincenzo Grillo: Interview with the Italian fashion photographer

    Vincenzo Grillo – Sipping coffee around the world Vincenzo Grillo, Italian fashion photographer  – How many times do we wish someone we love were there to share that particular moment with them? And how often do we resolve to send them a picture, symbolically erasing the distance? There is no doubt that pictures have become […] Continua

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    Top Italian Fashion Bloggers

    Top Italian Fashion Bloggers and influncers – “Brave e belle” Anyone can become a fashion blogger or an influencer these days. Although many believe this jobs to be short-termed, the biggest fashion companies keep reserving the front row for these girls. They are called “influencers” because of they’re actually talented or maybe they simply have thousands […] Continua

  • la vigilia di natale
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    Vigilia di Natale e uomo Italiano. Quanto siamo vanitosi… Che ci possiamo piace vestir bene! Ah questi Italiani…vigilia di natale inclusa. Possiamo passare inosservati di fronte ad amici, zii, cugini e parenti vari? GIAMMAI! E così ci affanniamo alla ricerca di qualcosa di nuovo, del dress to impress… Noi di Idressitalian abbiamo scelto un […] Continua

  • Sha.rù Bijoux
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    Sha.Rù bijoux: 100% made for you

    Sha.Rù bijoux loves Made in Italy I imagine her walking fast embracing herself  looking for warmth on a Sunday in February. Not just any, but the last of the month. The one that on the “Navigli Milanesi” hosts the historic antiques market, unique and resistant to any season. Something hits her attention. Glitters, she is […] Continua

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    Santillo in Sardinia: the sea embraces a kind of lifestyle. Unique and indissoluble. I always desired to do a trip to Sardinia, wild land of Italy but at the same time flagship of luxury and good Italian lifestyle. The colors that distinguish this land are unique, as unique is this sea that embraces an intense […] Continua