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    Fiorentina football club , a great passion of Florence

    Fiorentina football club – what’s behind one of the greatest passions for Florence Fiorentina football club –  Italy’s national sport is soccer – or football. Unlike other Italian cities, Florence has only one soccer team: Fiorentina (often referred to as la Viola – the purple one). Florentines are ambivalent toward soccer, they love it fiercely, […] Continua

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    Parks of Florence – For each personality its garden

    Parks of Florence – Where personality meets nature Parks of Florence – Florence’s most famous parks are Le Cascine and Boboli, but those aren’t the only ones of the city. From the outskirts to the city center, Florence offers a variety of beautiful green areas: do you feel like doing jogging or chilling out with your loved […] Continua

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    Florentines who made History

    Florentines who made History – What Italy would be without them? The history of Florence isn’t confined to the city borders. Indeed, Florence made History, with capital H. The list of important people born here or adopted and made great by the city is quite long. Some of these people influenced “only” Italian History, others changed […] Continua

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    Tourists in Florence seen by Florentines

    Tourists in Florence? A real show Florence is a small city with a population of 500 thousand. Every semester, the city welcomes more than one million tourists, which is like saying the city guests itself, twice. Can you imagine? This shocking number means that as locals we deal with tourists every day. There isn’t an […] Continua

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    Top 7 romantic places in Florence

    Top 7 romantic places in Florence for an unforgettable experience Florence doesn’t have to prove to be a romantic city. This city is actually beautiful; poets, writers, thinkers – everyone has praised Florence’s irresistible charm. And yet, a stunning city may not be enough for a romantic date: the true secret of which is planning something […] Continua

  • 6 curiosità su Firenze
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    6 secrets of Florence to live at least once in a lifetime

    6 secrets of Florence that few in the world know A few days aren’t enough to visit all of Florence. Focusing exclusively on museums, historical buildings and the churches, one will miss the chance to get to really know something about the city. Moreover, Florence wouldn’t have existed without its citizens, the Florentine people. Here’s […] Continua

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    Italy coast to coast: an unforgettable journey! 1st of September | Roccella Ionica (RC) That night I didn’t sleep. At 4 am I was still on Skype with a beautiful girl and at 6 my journey had to start. Sunrise of a new day. LAMEZIA TERME (REGGIO CALABRIA) | KM 0. We turn on the engine and go! […] Continua