How to remain calm in small shared spaces

Find escape routes

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Escaping is important, so it is good practice trying to maintain relations with friends and family far away thanks to technology: Skype and Zoom have become essential in these days and they allow us to relax and mentally escape the walls of home.

Everyone should continue with their regular routine, setting alarms in the morning that allow you to follow your traditional times and day schemes.

Automatically, there will be less “dead moments” in which you bump into each other and look bored, because these days become harder and harder to fill.

Finally, a large problem is managing young kids, those who do not really understand and digest this entire situation and cannot manage relaxing and being bored.

Children always want to play, move around, they cry because they want to go outside and this can exhaust parents who don’t even have the time to wander their Facebook home.

A series of suggestions comes from the site Save The Children that immediately highlights how parents need to plan to divide times to care for the kids and that they should suggest a series of activities to stimulate them in different areas.

For parents and kids it important to remain fit: run up and down the stairs when going to get the trash or when going to the basement, but above all, exercise undisturbed for at least half an hour a day.

In conclusion, everyone needs to find the solution that fits them the most in this crisis. The most important thing is to stay at home even when it becomes hard and remember that we must stay home.

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