How to remain calm in small shared spaces

Move as if you were a guest

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Not everyone lives in a large house, perhaps developed on two or more floors and with a garden, so spaces can get claustrophobic around people who were not used to sharing the square meters of a normal apartment for more than a couple of hours a days.

How to avoid arguing and quarreling?

In the song “Tutto l’universo obbedisce all’amore” (All the universe obeys love), the singer Battiato says that sharing is one of the secrets of life and that you have to “move like a guest, full of kindness, to not disturb”.

Surely, one of the secrets to resist these days is to try and leave others their space, not be selfish in monopolizing computers, the tv, video games and to try and keep a serene environment.

The Milanese psychologist Claudio Ruggieri, in this great article of the Post, highlights how important it is setting aside conflict, search for different spaces in your home and, if you are already in a situation of conflict, do not force each other to share each space all the time, like eating times.

Additionally, you could create some routine schemes to follow, firstly to not make these days seem like they are entirely chaotic and secondly, so that each one can use certain spaces in certain moments. For example, you can plan times to use the bathroom in the morning or snack time in the afternoon.

Good advice also comes from Roberto Calvani, President of the Order of Psychologists in Friuli Venezia Giulia, that to explained to Telefriuli how to respect moments of solitude and silence of others, planning at the same time precise moments in which to do activities together, like board games or cooking.

You should surely take advantage of the situation to work or study, or to pick up projects and passions that were left behind: you could rediscover the pleasure of painting, finishing that book, playing an instrument. Maybe using headphones, so you don’t disturb others!

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