The most exclusive locations for New Year’s 2019 in Italy


New Year's 2019 in Italy
New Year’s 2019 in Italy – Photo credit:

We are in Capri. Do some of you, by chance, not know Capri? Wherever you are and wherever you come from, it is impossible that you have not heard the name of this island at least once. We are in the Gulf of Naples, right in front of the Sorrento peninsula and Capri is just a “pearl”: for its beauty, for its history, for its uses and customs. Capri is, in all respects, the emblem of exclusive and chic Italy that we see in films. Spending New Year 2019 in Capri is the best idea you could have: an exclusive place where you can find everything you can look for! Seeing is believing. Continue reading clicking the button below >

Giovanna Melechi

Written by Giovanna Melechi

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