The 5 most romantic places of Valle d’Aosta

The 5 most romantic places of Valle d’Aosta to experience at least once in a lifetime according to @Idressitalian

The 5 most romantic places of Valle d’Aosta – Far away region of the north, hidden by enchanting mountains and endless forests. Region Valle d’Aosta is one of the most unknown of Italy. However, it is because it is unknown that all its natural beauty, rich culture and pure magic is preserved. Between snowy mountaintops and the fresh scent of pine trees, there are hidden romantic places of rare splendor, places obscured from the eyes of the world and cloaked from any form of manumission that still store singular timeless attributes. Discover them clicking the button below >

Victoria Ceccaroni

Written by Victoria Ceccaroni

Celtic Rosebud flourished in the magnificence of the eternal city: I am the Poetry, Passion and Purity. Neptune kidnapped me from the Devil’s Saddle and took me up to dance among the stars. Apollo was my teacher, Cupid my companion of adventures and Diana my muse. The zodiac is my treasure map that I follow in the eternal hunting of Beauty. I am the keeper of the secrets hidden from the sunset of a former glory, accompanied by the silent melody of Zephyr that resonates among the elderly and imposing ruins, I go to the streets cradles of immense love and intense wars. I have the spirit of a Nymph, the eyes of a tiger and the heart of Ishtar.

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