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    10 Secrets about Naples to live at least once in a lifetime

    10 Secrets about Naples that few in the world know Naples may very well be Italy’s most beautiful city, full of life, secrets and hidden marvels. To love Naples, one has to explore its often hidden secrets. It’s a city full of history and legends. I had the chance to visit it often and besides […] More

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    Top 7 romantic places in Florence

    Top 7 romantic places in Florence for an unforgettable experience Florence doesn’t have to prove to be a romantic city. This city is actually beautiful; poets, writers, thinkers – everyone has praised Florence’s irresistible charm. And yet, a stunning city may not be enough for a romantic date: the true secret of which is planning something […] More

  • I 10 segreti di Torino

    10 secrets of Turin you would never expect

    10 secrets of Turin almost no one knows Turin has always fascinated me, so full of history, legends and with its contradictions. Turin is part of our history, the Italian History. Turin was the first capital of the newly born Italy, then the title went to Florence and finally to Rome in 1870. Italian television […] More

  • 6 curiosità su Firenze
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    6 secrets of Florence to live at least once in a lifetime

    6 secrets of Florence that few in the world know A few days aren’t enough to visit all of Florence. Focusing exclusively on museums, historical buildings and the churches, one will miss the chance to get to really know something about the city. Moreover, Florence wouldn’t have existed without its citizens, the Florentine people. Here’s […] More

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    Top 5 romantic places in Turin to live once in a lifetime

    Top 5 romantic places in Turin for an unforgettable experience So full of museums, palaces and history, Turin looks like the perfect city for couples to enjoy their love. I admit I love this city, I don’t think it cold and devoid of human warmth as they say. Turin is magical thanks to its vast […] More

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    Top 10 seaside clubs in Italy you cannot miss

    Top 10 seaside clubs in Italy according to Idressitalian There was the time of the rounds on the sea. Then, it was the time for big discos and clubs, on beaches, on promontories, even hollowed out of the rock on the most famous cliffs. Italy is an irresistible country for its “dolce vita”, and the […] More

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    10 Secrets of Milan that you would never expect

    10 Secrets of Milan almost no one knows The city of Milan may be famous for its Cathedral, the shining Madonnina, the Navigli area or simply its very fashionable places where it’s possible to enjoy an aperitif. But there’s a side of Milan that both writers and scholars have always investigated, hoping to bring to light […] More

  • Viaggiare in Sardegna

    Visit Sardinia – A flight where the water is bluer

    Visit Sardinia – distant island, of a rough flavor, a thrilling beauty “Enchanting spaces and distances to travel–nothing finished, nothing definitive. It islike freedom itself” –  David Herbert Lawrence Observing it from above seems it takes the appearance of a precious emerald that, emerging from the sea, is lulled by the Mediterranean, the bluest sea existing. With […] More

  • Mantua


    Mantua, a jump between her wonders Mantua, the city of Lombardy vaunted by Dante in the canto XX of his Divine Comedy, motherland of Virgilio, the same Mantua that, up to today, is part of the World’s heritage of Unesco for its Renaissance beauty, it’s history, it’s art. The point in which three regions are […] More

  • Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
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    How many times I found myself alone in front of the window of an airplane to think, think, think. I always had a fixed idea: how to make big and strong my baby. This is the second Christmas for Idressitalian and my heart is full of joy and pride. Maybe It is because of the […] More

  • Leonardo


    Leonardo Da Vinci in France: a wonderful discovery. « as a well spent day gives happy sleep, so a well used life gives an happy death » Never so much prophetic words could accompany my article. And I was walking, disappointed by rain, fascinated by my surroundings. It is told with historical certainty that today where […] More

  • cavalleria rusticana in calabria


    Cavalleria Rusticana: discovering the Norman Castle of Stilo, between past and present. I would like to start analysing these two words. Cavalleria is a noble and generous behavior, typical of feudal knights; rusticana indicates the knights’ behaviour that is relived by the peasants of the countryside. A noble soul like the one of Turiddo in love with Lola in the […] More

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    Expo Milan 2015: Milan is the locomotive of the Italian economic growth. Whilst I’m writing this article the President of Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella is closing the universal exhibition. I have shivers running through my back watching the images on tv. This universal exhibition has had and will have a deep and historical meaning for the whole Italy. Let’s go […] More