Italy coast to coast: an unforgettable journey!

1st of September | Roccella Ionica (RC) That night I didn’t sleep. At 4 am I was still on Skype with a beautiful girl and at 6 my journey had to start. Sunrise of a new day.

alba calabria

LAMEZIA TERME (REGGIO CALABRIA) | KM 0. We turn on the engine and go!

italy coast to coast

italy coast to coast

Although I didn’t sleep I was ok: the excitement and adrenaline had the upper hand!

I thought about how many things had changed and were changing around me. Change is not easy but necessary sometimes. This trip had the express purpose of lightening most of my thoughts. I was happy, really happy.

italy coast to coast


In the afternoon, the journey continues to Salerno, my dear friends are waiting for me…Here we are with some excellent homemade limoncello! Thanks Eleonora’s mum for exquisite parmigiana!!


And here Thor, Eleonora’s dog. The cutest dog ever.


2nd of September | Amalfi Coast

This day have been very important to me. After resting, the second stage of the jounrey began:  exploring the Amalfi Coast…

italy coast to coast

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coast of about 50 km that goes from Salerno to Positano. The most beautiful 50km of the world due to the narrow road overlooking the sea and the breathtaking views. In this photo I was slowed down by a typical Italian transport: the Ape Car!

italy coast to coast

I’m eager to get to Ravello. In Ravello you can visit two of the most beautiful villas in the world: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.

We start from Villa Rufolo famous for its floral view over the whole coast …

italy coast to coast

italy coast to coast


And here is Villa Cimbrone, famous for the Terrace of Infinity. Villa Cimbrone from that day for me is the place of the heart.

italy coast to coast







italy coast to coast





I reveal you a secret…I promised myself that one day I would get married here 🙂

Italia coast to coast

The journey continues. Destination POSITANOOOOOOO!

I can not properly describe the emotion I felt when its beauty was shown to my eyes…

italy coast to coast

This is the view from the Hotel Le Sirenuse…historic hotel in Positano.

italy coast to coast

italy coast to coast


italy coast to coast

And this is the night view from Il San Pietro Hotel, the most striking.


italy coast to coast

If you want to have an aperitivo, il San Pietro di Positano is the right place!

italy coast to coast

3rd of September | Time for a short stop in Rome with typical “bucatini all ‘Amatriciana” :p

italy coast to coast

And then off to Florence…

italy coast to coast


A short stop in Pisa to meet my beloved friends Rocco and Cetty…


And n the night Forte dei Marmi! My dear and old friend Elisabetta is waiting for me! With her you won’t miss a drink or a party! In fact, here “la Capannina di Franceschi”, a must to for the Italian night entertainment.

Italia coast to coast

4th of September ! Woke up early in the morning. After 1453 Km I arrived in Milan and this is the photo with which I want to remember this incredible journey.

italy coast to coast

I would like to thank Eleonora and Mariano from Salerno, Maria Giovanna from Sorrento, Rocco and Cetti from Pisa, Elisabetta from Forte dei Marmi for making family and even more special this wonderful adventure.

I dedicate this trip to the girl who kept me awake on Skype until 4am as she was with me in every part of it.

I felt beautiful emotions that I won’t ever forget.

See you to the next trip!


Vincenzo Girasoli

Written by Vincenzo Girasoli

A life dreaming and building a future that has never been so clear and fresh. Made of endless emotions that rise at the sight of the colours that my Mother Land everyday gives me. I travelled, never getting tired, to then stop in front of the blue of my Mediterranean. There I understood that something big, deep, intense and wonderful was happening; and that I would have never stopped. Diving into that sea I knew I could never go back. At the same time, I knew that those feelings would become yours. And that, together, we would have kept going faster towards something pure, authentic, genuine, happy. Something that with pride I call Idressitalian.