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6 secrets of Florence to live at least once in a lifetime

Disagreements at Palazzo Pitti

6 secrets of Florence
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Palazzo Pitti’s courtyard could actually contain Palazzo Strozzi. Why is that? A simplistic answer would be that Florentines are funny people with a fancy for bickering. But more specifically, the Pitti family was at odds with the Medici family and the Strozzi family. The latter had their palace – Palazzo Strozzi – built bigger in size than the former’s seat – Palazzo Medici – because those two were at odds themselves. In order to prove that his family was wealthier and stronger, when time came for Luca Pitti to build his own house in 1458, he commissioned a majestic palace that could contain Palazzo Strozzi – outdoing both Medici and Strozzi in one stroke. To ensure his message would be received, he designed the stone façade of his humble abode in such a way as to include a huge stone (representing Pitti’s power) next to a tiny one (representing his adversaries). In 1548 Cosimo I de’ Medici bought Palazzo Pitti as a gift for his pretty wife Eleanor of Toledo.

Beatrice Toniolo

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Written by Beatrice Toniolo

Getting born in Florence is a privilege denied to many, but it was granted to me. My name's the same as Dante's muse, Beatrice. I grew up in the most beautiful city in the world, developing a religious, physical need for silence, which is absolutely necessary to behold the beauty built through two thousand years of history. My soul is Punk, but don't touch my afternoon tea. It that a contradiction? Maybe. Notwithstanding my hatred for confusion, I studied Languages because communication is the key to get to know the world and morally enrich and better oneself. Let's meet in Piazza Signoria, but only if I say so and I feel like it. Isn't that a contradiction? Long summers spent on the Ionian coast of Calabria made me fall in love with the sea and History, of which South Italy abounds. I love books, I'm a compulsive book buyer, they're the gift I appreciate most. Fitness addict, my gym time is sacred. More contradictions. I'm a walking contradiction posing as a decent person.

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