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5 places to discover in Liguria this Autumn


5 places to discover in Liguria this Autumn
5 places to discover in Liguria this Autumn .Photo credit:

If you love the tranquillity of medieval villages, Apricale in Val Nervia is the place for you. Its name means “sunny” and it is located at the far end of Liguria, on the border with France, and enjoys a very pleasant temperature. The main square of the village is the scene of events in every season of the year: the “Festa dell’Olio Nuovo”, the “Festa della Primavera”, the celebration of Saint Valentine, as well as the “Sagra della Pansarola”, all take place this Autumn! Apricale is a village frequented and loved by artists, especially by painters, who have painted about fifty murals on the facades of the houses.On the bell tower of the Church in the central square, you will immediately notice a bicycle pointing upward, a installation of contemporary art. Apricale is also the “city of oil”, which is a typical product of the village, but it is also possible to taste other specialties such as sardenaira, a kind of pizza cooked in the oven and covered with tomato and sardines, the pansarole, sweet pancakes that are served together with the hot zabaglione, and finally the cubaites, basically doughnuts filled with honey and hazelnuts. Continua a leggere cliccando il pulsante in basso >

Giulia Lanzo

Written by Giulia Lanzo

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