You moon, Luna Caprese – Falling in love in Capri

You moon, Luna caprese – a song, a lifestyle

Neapolitan melody has made the past generations fall in love on its notes and, it still is the melody that makes people fall in love and dream. This music is a universal form of art, which is profound and arrives straight to the heart, even without words. Imagine what it could generate when it is sung in a magical and exclusive place like Capri.
You moon, luna capreseCapri, it could be said, that it is wonderfully represented by Giuseppe Faiella, know as Peppino Di Capri. He was an artist with a sweet and refined voice, dreamy and melancholic, kind and tender. His songs are pearls of Italian music which can be shown with pride.

“Luna Caprese” (Capri’s moon) has enchanted generations of lovers. Augusto Cesareo and Luigi Ricciardi wrote the song in 1953 and Peppino sung it all over the world with his unmistakable stamp. The song narrates of love in its most intimate and sweet shape with a background that only Capri has to offer.

Pennino sing of about a moon that seduced and accompanied the lovers in the warm and enveloping nights of the island. The sun sets to allow the stars and the moon to reflect in the sea in the sea. The moon is depicted as the only one to be able to act as an intermediary between a man and his beloved. He somehow asks to the Caprese moon to find an escamotage to help him to be noticed by his loved one. However, despite the prayers, the fate does not seem to be favourable to him…

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Lucia Franco

Written by Lucia Franco

If the eyes are the reflection of our souls, photography is nothing else than the reflection of emotions. I will tell about photography, my passion, and my shots. Since I was a child, I considered photography ad part of words, images accompanied by sweet poetry. Each new idea can be a journey, interior or physical, essential for the “creation” of each one of us. Photography, pictures and art from which the building of men starts: the birth of the instinctive part of each one of us, generating energy and the origins of our feelings. Is there anything more wonderful than photographing a pure emotion? Our Italy with blurred and faded outlines decides to focus, through the right lens, the beauty and the true of our being Italian, rediscovering its Excellency.

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