Top 10 Italian Opera Pieces

Le opere italiane più belle di tutti i tempi

Top 10 Italian Opera Pieces according to Idressitalian

Top 10 Italian Opera Pieces – Italy means opera, it’s the motherland of the greatest composers of all times: Puccini, Verdi, Vivaldi … and many more. Although opera is believed to be something only a restricted, highly educated audience can appreciate, the truth is quite the opposite: if you think about it, you’ll realize that we listen to opera arias everyday, for they are often used for TV ads and advertising in general. Technically speaking, classical music isn’t just for everyone, it may take ages to learn how to play one instrument’s line for a certain aria, but it’s still possible to educate one’s hearing to the genre and finally discover its magic. Idressitalian has selected for you ten of the best Italian operas of all times. Continue reading clicking the below button Next >

Lucia Franco

Written by Lucia Franco

If the eyes are the reflection of our souls, photography is nothing else than the reflection of emotions. I will tell about photography, my passion, and my shots. Since I was a child, I considered photography ad part of words, images accompanied by sweet poetry. Each new idea can be a journey, interior or physical, essential for the “creation” of each one of us. Photography, pictures and art from which the building of men starts: the birth of the instinctive part of each one of us, generating energy and the origins of our feelings. Is there anything more wonderful than photographing a pure emotion? Our Italy with blurred and faded outlines decides to focus, through the right lens, the beauty and the true of our being Italian, rediscovering its Excellency.

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