Tiziano Ferro and Emma Marrone: Italian music rocking this month

Tiziano Ferro ed Emma Marrone: gli album italiani che aprono il mese musicale di dicembre

Tiziano Ferro and Emma Marrone – December comebacks

Tiziano Ferro and Emma Marrone are making quite the comeback this December. Tiziano Ferro’s fans will be happy to know that their idol is releasing his newest studio album titled Il Mestiere della Vita (Life as a job); Mrs Emma Marrone’s fans will be equally excited to get their hands on her Adesso Tour Edition, a special box containing the best of her most recent live tour. Discover them clicking the button Next >

Written by Beatrice Toniolo

Getting born in Florence is a privilege denied to many, but it was granted to me. My name's the same as Dante's muse, Beatrice. I grew up in the most beautiful city in the world, developing a religious, physical need for silence, which is absolutely necessary to behold the beauty built through two thousand years of history. My soul is Punk, but don't touch my afternoon tea. It that a contradiction? Maybe. Notwithstanding my hatred for confusion, I studied Languages because communication is the key to get to know the world and morally enrich and better oneself. Let's meet in Piazza Signoria, but only if I say so and I feel like it. Isn't that a contradiction? Long summers spent on the Ionian coast of Calabria made me fall in love with the sea and History, of which South Italy abounds. I love books, I'm a compulsive book buyer, they're the gift I appreciate most. Fitness addict, my gym time is sacred. More contradictions. I'm a walking contradiction posing as a decent person.

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