The 6 Italian most romantic singers of all times

The 6 Italian Most Romantic Singers – When Music Reaches the Heart

Music touches us emotionally. Probably it’s the most mysterious art, but also the most immediate. Italy has a great number of romantic singers, some are true poets. Who are those? Let’s discover them together. Continua a leggere cliccando il pulsante in basso Avanti >

Lucia Franco

Written by Lucia Franco

If the eyes are the reflection of our souls, photography is nothing else than the reflection of emotions. I will tell about photography, my passion, and my shots. Since I was a child, I considered photography ad part of words, images accompanied by sweet poetry. Each new idea can be a journey, interior or physical, essential for the “creation” of each one of us. Photography, pictures and art from which the building of men starts: the birth of the instinctive part of each one of us, generating energy and the origins of our feelings. Is there anything more wonderful than photographing a pure emotion? Our Italy with blurred and faded outlines decides to focus, through the right lens, the beauty and the true of our being Italian, rediscovering its Excellency.

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