Music of Calabria – A rich tradition

La musica calabrese
La Musica calabrese - Photo credit: Domenico Mirigliano

The music of Calabria – unexpected, involving and beautiful

There isn’t a given canon for the tunes and melodies that compose the “Calabrian folk music genre”, it’s more about what a navite Calabrian perceives as traditional. We will try to describe this big family of songs and in order to make it easier for both sides, we’ll refer to it as “Calabrian folk music” and “music of Calabria”. What’s sure is that all these songs share a common origin in the land, the Calabrian soil, so beautiful with still intact nature. Calabrian music is an emotional chant that has endured through the centuries. This chant wasn’t even considered a proper Art form and it almost disappeared. Today it’s being reinterpreted and updated in order to keep it alive and make it known to the great public – after all, everything has to adjust and evolve, otherwise it will disappear. Discover it clicking the below button >

Vincenzo Girasoli

Written by Vincenzo Girasoli

A life dreaming and building a future that has never been so clear and fresh. Made of endless emotions that rise at the sight of the colours that my Mother Land everyday gives me. I travelled, never getting tired, to then stop in front of the blue of my Mediterranean. There I understood that something big, deep, intense and wonderful was happening; and that I would have never stopped. Diving into that sea I knew I could never go back. At the same time, I knew that those feelings would become yours. And that, together, we would have kept going faster towards something pure, authentic, genuine, happy. Something that with pride I call Idressitalian.

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