5 Italian movies that made Italy even more glorious

5 Italian movies to watch at least once in a lifetime

5 Italian movies – Do you ever stop to ponder how lucky we are to live in a country so full of beauty, history and good food such as Italy? Italy mesmerizes tourists from all over the world – it always have. What made Italy so gloriously famous? What could bring people from the most diverse countries together and make them all travel the craziest lengths in order to come here and visit our country, take a taste of our habits, witness our traditions?

Cinema and movies (or films) have their share of responsibility, the sixth art, as it is known, can really reach everyone everywhere. There are  lots of  universally famous Italian movies, but we’ll focus on those that were produced right after WW2, when Italy was rising from the ashes of war and described, through the knowing eyes of directors such as De Sica, Fellini and Steno (and many more), as the joyful country where the true dolce vita belongs and can be experienced. We selected for you 5 movies that are particularly representative and contributed to the fabrication of the myth of Bel Paese. Discover them clicking the below button >

Vincenzo Girasoli

Written by Vincenzo Girasoli

A life dreaming and building a future that has never been so clear and fresh. Made of endless emotions that rise at the sight of the colours that my Mother Land everyday gives me. I travelled, never getting tired, to then stop in front of the blue of my Mediterranean. There I understood that something big, deep, intense and wonderful was happening; and that I would have never stopped. Diving into that sea I knew I could never go back. At the same time, I knew that those feelings would become yours. And that, together, we would have kept going faster towards something pure, authentic, genuine, happy. Something that with pride I call Idressitalian.

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