Top 6 restaurants in Capri of an unforgettable taste

I 6 migliori ristoranti di Capri
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Top 6 restaurants in Capri according to Idressitalian

Capri, the beautiful island that everyone envies. The home of the cliffs, the blue cave and the breathtaking view from Monte Solaro. The highlight of Italy that has much to tell and show. It ‘s easy to be enchanted by the colors and flowers that paint white houses, typical of the island. But even easier is to be fascinated by the island cuisine, the kitchen, where the only watchword is genuine; genuineness of the products and good soul of its inhabitants.

We selected the 6 best restaurants on the island considering four main factors: quality of food, refined furnishings and menu, history and scenic views. Discover them clicking the below button Next >

Written by Ludovica Megna

Born in a small country in the province of Reggio Calabria, so small that sometimes I doubt about its existence on maps.

I left my country to pursue my dreams. The same dreams that have left the drawer moving into my suitcases. Nice on alternate days. Always moody. I write to find myself. I am who sometimes gets lost with my “no” sense of direction. I cook, eat and share.

“I have a weakness for beautiful eyes and ugly noses” it is the phrase that I drag behind me by years, almost like a mantra.

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