The best 15 restaurants in Milan where to have lunch


The best restaurants in Milan where to have lunch
The best restaurants in Milan where to have lunch
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A stone’s throw from S. Babila and the Duomo, the Nennella diner deserves our attention. With its Neapolitan origin, the restaurant is a place to rediscover the taste of home-made food. The menu proposes the main Neapolitan dishes, with high attention to the quality of the ingredients. All this, however, in the context of a diner, where one is immersed in a lively and cheerful environment. Whether you want a first or a second course or a simple salad, prices are low. We really recommend it not just for the food, but for the warm and familiar environment that contrasts with the frenzy of the centre of Milan.

Price: 8 euros (first or second course)

Address: Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11, 20122 Milano

Tel: 02 4953 0600

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Written by Diego Civitelli

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