The best 15 restaurants in Milan where to have lunch

15. TRATTORIA BERTAME’ (Città Studi)

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The best restaurants in Milan where to have lunch
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Located in the heart of the Città Studi district, the diner Bertamè is a landmark for the lunch break for students and workers. The restaurant, born with the idea of offering tasty dishes with quality ingredients at the right price, offers three types of fixed menus for lunch. The easy menu, for only 10 euros, includes a cold first course, a second and a side dish and coffee. The medium menu includes a first course, a second course and a side dish with coffee for 13 euros. With the large menu, the side dish is fish, all for 18 euros. The atmosphere is really cosy and well furnished in a modern style. It is really worth a visit.

Price: 10 euros (includes a cold first course, a second and coffee)

Address: Via Francesco Lomonaco, 13b, 20131 Milano

Tel: 02 2668 4156


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This article was written by Luca Repola and translated by Diego Civitelli

Written by Diego Civitelli

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