The best 15 restaurants in Milan where to have lunch

10. V3RAW (Porta Venezia)

The best restaurants in Milan where to have lunch
Photo Credits: Facebook @V3raw

In the fast-paced Porta Venezia district, try the V3Raw restaurant. The restaurant certainly represents a new concept of experiencing food. The menu, in fact, offers salads, vegetarian extracts and smoothies as main dishes. Although it is detached from the traditional idea of Italian catering, it is really worth visiting to discover what is called functional food. It is definitely recommended for those who like to experiment with new culinary cultures. For a salad and vegetable extract, you will spend about 15 euros.

Price: 15 euros (salad and smoothie)

Address: Via Spallanzani | angolo Viale Regina Giovanna, 20129 Milano

Tel: +39 02 2951 4295

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Written by Diego Civitelli

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