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No time to dine at home? Here’s some healthy lunchbox ideas

Healthy lunchboxes
Healthy lunchboxes – Photo credit:

What do we want from our lunch break?
First of all, we don’t want to eat fat unhealthy junk food
An unbalanced meal can cause sleepiness which is something we absolutely don’t want
We need to be able to eat reasonably quick
We want to mind our pockets
A Federconsumi’s study observed that those who eat at the restaurant every week of the month, end up with an outlay of 330 euros. The same study highlighted that women between 25 and 44 years of age, prefer bringing their lunchbox to work, because:

45% of them declared that it helps saving money
38% of them declared that it helps them eating healthy
28% of them declared that it helps saving time

Why should we use the lunchbox?

It regulates our eating habits
We don’t end up buying junk food
Avoiding junk food means avoiding hydrogenated fats -they’re so unhealthy
We get to eat a balanced meal, with proteins, good carbs and good fats
A balanced meal will also provide nutrients and minerals
We won’t overeat at dinner
Keeps our weight in check

Why do we often eat junk food?
As I often repeat to my clients, eating junk food is the consequence of disorganized eating habits: we’re hungry and we buy the first thing we see just because. Continue reading clicking the below button Next >

Vincenzo Girasoli

Written by Vincenzo Girasoli

A life dreaming and building a future that has never been so clear and fresh. Made of endless emotions that rise at the sight of the colours that my Mother Land everyday gives me. I travelled, never getting tired, to then stop in front of the blue of my Mediterranean. There I understood that something big, deep, intense and wonderful was happening; and that I would have never stopped. Diving into that sea I knew I could never go back. At the same time, I knew that those feelings would become yours. And that, together, we would have kept going faster towards something pure, authentic, genuine, happy. Something that with pride I call Idressitalian.

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