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    The best songs heard at Milan Fashion Week F/W 2017/2018

    The best songs heard at Milan Fashion Week F/W 2017/2018 according to Idressitalian The best songs heard at Milan Fashion Week F/W 2017/2018 – We’ve been assisting at the gradual evolution of fashion: from “merely” haute couture made up of fancy, impossible to wear every day clothes to actual performance, where the pieces of clothing […] More

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    10 Things Italians can teach the world

    10 Things Italians can teach the world according to Idressitalian 10 things Italians can teach the world – There’s a great need for beauty and true emotions, something that goes beyond what’s conventionally considered luxury goods. Daily life lived home, eating, what to wear and family life itself. You can sell the greatest product, but […] More

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    Vincenzo Grillo: Interview with the Italian fashion photographer

    Vincenzo Grillo – Sipping coffee around the world Vincenzo Grillo, Italian fashion photographer  – How many times do we wish someone we love were there to share that particular moment with them? And how often do we resolve to send them a picture, symbolically erasing the distance? There is no doubt that pictures have become […] More

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    The best collections of MFW SS17 – Top 5

    The best collections of MFW SS17 according to Idressitalian The ideal woman has been designed many times over the centuries just as if it were a piece of Art. Pursuing this womanly perfection, Italian fashion houses create new collections every year. Milan’s Fashion Week’s just wrapped up and we’re here to celebrate this event by presenting […] More

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    Top Italian Fashion Bloggers

    Top Italian Fashion Bloggers and influncers – “Brave e belle” Anyone can become a fashion blogger or an influencer these days. Although many believe this jobs to be short-termed, the biggest fashion companies keep reserving the front row for these girls. They are called “influencers” because of they’re actually talented or maybe they simply have thousands […] More

  • Le 5 migliori boutique Milano
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    The 12 best boutiques for shopping in Italy

    The 12 best boutiques for shopping in Italy according to Idressitalian Someone says that “the crazy invented the fashion and the wise follow it”: we Italians have a lot to be considered crazy because our style is appreciated and imitated by all the fashionistas of the world. To become wise, however, follow our advice on […] More

  • Barberino's
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    Sicilian barbers in Milan – Barberino’s

    Sicilian barbers in Milan – “The orange trees perfume the green verges” Green as the muffled environment of a little piece of paradise “for gentlemen only“. A wholly artisanal chair, luster of the best Sicilian artisans. Sit down and close your eyes. The warm towel and a shaving brush dipped in almond soap which is a trip far […] More

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    Margot Zanni and Dalani: interview to the Founder and Style Director

    Margot Zanni and Dalani – The queen of home decor There are women, and then there are women. If then they are called Margot, that means pearl, rare and precious person, then they are really special. The name fits perfectly to the Italian manager Margot Zanni, founder and Style Director of Dalani Home & Living. A young […] More