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Margot Zanni and Dalani: interview to the Founder and Style Director

Margot Zanni

Margot Zanni and Dalani – The queen of home decor

There are women, and then there are women. If then they are called Margot, that means pearl, rare and precious person, then they are really special. The name fits perfectly to the Italian manager Margot Zanni, founder and Style Director of Dalani Home & Living. A young woman of a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit that when she was just 28 years built, through a virtual project, a well-established and growing reality.

From tv journalism to the online one: the same profession on very different platforms together. What prompted you to change direction?

As every person who comes close to this profession, I consider myself very curious. When I had the opportunity to undertake the adventure Dalani I was only 28 years old and, with all the courage and the desire to get in the game at that age, I took with enthusiasm the challenge. It It also appealed to me the prospect of building from zero a company linked to an area that I have always loved as the home & living.

Do you remember the day you met your partners and co-founders in Dalani? How did the journey start?

The path with Diego, Karim and Matthias started in the typical start-up spirit, with so many ideas in mind, a lot of energy and enthusiasm and a structure to set up. Think that, in the first months, our operations base a bar in viale Bligny in Milan. Fortunately now I work in a real office, very stylish, and that really represent us. Here we spend so much time together, confronting each other on everything, every day.

On the web everything it is faster. Where do you draw inspiration to be able to anticipate the trend to offer on Dalani Magazine?

I try to keep myself updated as much as possible through a variety of sources, both Italian and foreign, and I take inspiration from the best, from which you can always learn something. I read a lot, I go to the cinema, I watch a lot of TV series, I make short trips to different places and I search on American, Scandinavian sites, specialized magazine, always keeping an eye on the new projects of the most influential figures in the world of design and of the interior decoration. Time is never enough.

Wich is the forecast for online sales in terms of Home & Living in Italy?

I believe that in this segment there is still much space for growth and a potential to be developed. We are only at the beginning of a behavioral and purchase revolution , that in the coming years will radically change our shopping habits. In this context, e-commerce will certainly have a major role.

France, Sweden and Finland are very careful countries to the design: how do you rank Italy in your opinion? Especially with regard to the presence of new designers?

Each country has a different aesthetic and style in terms of product, that have greater diffusion and success in the market. To talk about two states mentioned, such as Sweden and Finland, for example, many know how to recognize the basic traits of the furnishings, which are characterized by linearity and a clean, minimalist style. In these same countries, also, we see so many young creatives. In Italy, however, it pays more attention to the Made in Italy than to the new designers that are often inaccessible to the public. In order to valorize even here the young people and new ideas, I think it is essential to invest on them, trying to make their collections closer to the different markets we serve.

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Written by Carlotta Licciardi

The strong mistral wind and the heady scents of dried herbs from the Sardinian sun pushed and accompanied me where my dreams have become reality. I sow inside my world, struggling, learning, giving up. Then enjoying those seeds that grow slowly, I savor the juicy fruits.

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