How to remain calm in small shared spaces

Come mantenere la calma
Come mantenere la calma - PhotoCredit:

Coronavirus threw China, then Italy and now practically the whole world into chaos.

Just as we started to savor the warmth of spring, were ready to maybe improvise some final snow trips and plan holidays for the Easter break, our lives suddenly stopped and in a few days the entire country stopped, entering in this surreal situation of chaos, waiting and … isolation.

After three weeks of quarantine, remaining in the house begins to be difficult for everyone: children pave, teenagers want to see friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, adults need their spaces or even, simply, that coffee at the bar that embodied a break and a moment of pleasure that we can just dream of.

Unfortunately, the coffee and chat at the bar will have to wait, but we still want to give you some advice so that living together in this quarantine is less challenging.

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Written by Mattia Gelosa

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