10 Fashion Apps every fashionista should have

10 Fashion app every fashionista should have according to @idressitalian

10 Fashion app every fashionista should have – We live in a social world, it is obvious. Every moment of our daily life is characterized by an interaction, a sharing, a like or a comment. Instagram, the most popular platform, every day gives  the opportunity to people to share their passions, from photography, travel, food, to fashion. Just on instagram, the figure of the “fashion blogger”, is increasingly becoming popular, who is inspired to  always look fashionable and never banal. However, for true lovers of style and fashion, instagram is not enough! There are in fact numerous sites and applications ideal for “Fashion Victims”: some apps are made specifically to inspire with current trends, others are useful to buy at modest prices, and in others, you can sell clothes. Technology, in short, is giving us more and more ideas to follow and deepen our passions in a complete way, so if you are a fashionista, you can not help but download at least one of these 10 fashion apps that every fashionista should have. Discover them clicking the button below>

Giulia Lanzo

Written by Giulia Lanzo

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