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    10 secrets of Venice you would never expect

    10 secrets of Venice that few in the world know Venice is a unique city. Every detail of it deserves to be explored. Have you ever noticed that, seen from above (or a map) the Grand Canal looks like a snake or a dragon? Snakes represent sin, but also knowledge. The dragon the symbol of […] More

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    Venice Carnival: everything you need to know

    Venice Carnival – a myth in the myth There’s no doubt February is one interesting month in Italy, where it is not associated to Valentine’s Day, but with the Carnival of Venice. Venice is a mysterious city of water and history, the model Russian Emperors followed when building their capital; it is also the Italian […] More

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    The most beautiful movies set in Venice

    The most beautiful movies set in Venice according to Idressitalian The most beautiful movies set in Venice – There isn’t an element of Venice that isn’t magical, be it the lagoon, Piazza San Marco or the canals with the gondolas. Venice has always been a fascinating place, tourists from all over the worlds have always come […] More