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Villa Jovis – The highest and most beautiful point of Capri

Villa Jovis Capri - Photo credit

Villa Jovis – The villa where the Emperor Tiberius retired to private life

Everyone is familiar with the grandeur and magnificence of the Roman Empire, but few really know its history. The influence of the Empire stretched across three continents from the Orient to the West and traces of its glorious past can be found everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.
The island of Capri: set in the sea which lies off the coast of Campania and laps on the shores of Naples, one can just make out a series of islands which break up the monotony of the dark waters. Out of the water rise these little hills, green islands scattered with variegated houses recalling lively times gone by. Among these lies the marvellous island of Capri, luxurious summertime destination, recognised world over thanks to the gaiety emanating from every corner and for the crystalline waters caressing its rocky coastline. There is nothing better than sipping a fine glass of red wine at sunset in one of the bars in the port, savouring the ancient traditions which have been crystalized in this corner of paradise; or becoming inebriated by the dense perfume of coffee on a hot July morning while the sun kisses your skin and the views take your breath away.
In fact, the island of Capri has always been a luxurious tourist destination – even since Roman times.

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Celtic Rosebud flourished in the magnificence of the eternal city: I am the Poetry, Passion and Purity. Neptune kidnapped me from the Devil’s Saddle and took me up to dance among the stars. Apollo was my teacher, Cupid my companion of adventures and Diana my muse. The zodiac is my treasure map that I follow in the eternal hunting of Beauty. I am the keeper of the secrets hidden from the sunset of a former glory, accompanied by the silent melody of Zephyr that resonates among the elderly and imposing ruins, I go to the streets cradles of immense love and intense wars. I have the spirit of a Nymph, the eyes of a tiger and the heart of Ishtar.

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