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Panettone in Milan, the best places in which to buy it


Panettone in Milan
Panettone in Milan – Photo credit: Facebook @CovaMontenapoleone

Cova was founded in 1817 as the “Cafè of the Garden”, then destroyed by the bombing of the Second War, Cova was then reborn in 1950, where you can still find it today: Via Montenapoleone 8. A self-respecting Milanese salon can only have a panettone worthy of respect! Panettone, from Cova, is available all year round: love and passion for this dessert not only at Christmas! The elegance, the experience and the professionalism is what characterizes their pastry: the best of the best of Milanese tradition is located right in Milan’s most famous shopping street! You never go wrong with Cova: quality and tradition always go hand in hand.


Address: Via Montenapoleone 8

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Giovanna Melechi

Written by Giovanna Melechi

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