The 10 most luxurious places in Milan that will make you lose your mind


The most luxurious places in Milan
The most luxurious places in Milan – Photo credit: Facebook @ArmaniHotelMI

King Giorgio is the nickname that many insiders have affectionately given to one of the pillars of Italian excellence: Giorgio Armani. After becoming an iconic brand, synonymous with rigorous style and very elegant in Italy and the rest of the world, King George has built a building in the heart of the city that combines all the experiences. At number 31 of Via Manzoni, stands Armani/Manzoni, a place that includes a hotel, a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a café, a bookstore, a spa and, of course, the flagship store where you can find the creations of the famous stylist. A real royal court.

Address: Via Alessandro Manzoni, 31

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Written by Lorenzo Salamone

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