The 10 most luxurious places in Milan that will make you lose your mind


The most luxurious places in Milan
The most luxurious places in Milan – Photo credit: Facebook @ddthestudiobydavidediodovich

The luxury hairdressers, the cutting artists, the masters of coiffure abound in Milan. But here we talk about Davide Diodovich for the absolute exclusivity of the experience he offers. The studio (but we could easily call it “atelier”) is an absolute protagonist of this experience: more apartment than a salon, more home than a workplace, the world created by Diodovich has a minimal charm and vague retro flavour. The customer experience is of absolute discretion and uniqueness, the care given to his is total. In every detail, there is a unique tone, a personal tone that is the true signature of Diodovich.

Address: Via Aurelio Saffi, 25

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Written by Lorenzo Salamone

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