The 10 most luxurious places in Milan that will make you lose your mind


The most luxurious places in Milan
The most luxurious places in Milan – Photo credit: Facebook @MuseoBagattiValsecchi

What better way to start our journey around Milanese luxury than in one of the most unique museum houses? Built at the start of the eighties of the nineteenth century by the eponymous brothers, this ancient residence in the center of Montenapoleone has been transformed into a melting pot of styles, a real casket of opulence that contains art collections, a fresco recovered from the walls of a ancient church in ruins, curiosities of every kind and even the first running water shower that Milan has ever seen. The house was conceived as a total work of art, where every detail is in harmony with the rest. Visiting it today allows us to enter the lives of the decadent eighteenth-century aristocracy and also to enter the right mood to appreciate the rest of the experiences on this list.

Address: Via Gesù, 5

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Written by Lorenzo Salamone

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