The 10 most luxurious places in Milan that will make you lose your mind


The most luxurious places in Milan
The most luxurious places in Milan – Photo credit: Facebook @NonostanteMarras

shop, bookshop, art and design gallery. This and much more is contained within “Despite Marras”, the concept store that bears the signature of the homonymous Sardinian designer. The eclectic soul of this designer constantly looks at the intellectual spheres of art and the theatrical world, is reflected in a space where luxury takes on a unique spirit, absolutely particular and impossible to replicate elsewhere. The fusion of functions and spaces, the concept of “total” experience that gives shape to the store and, obviously, the great inspiration that sustains every activity make this place one of the most exclusive in the city.

Address: Via Cola di Rienzo, 8

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Written by Lorenzo Salamone

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