How and where to photograph Turin to get the most likes

Come e dove fotografare Torino per fare il boom di like

How and where to photograph Turin to get the most likes on your social media profiles according to @idressitalian

How and where to photograph Turin – Taking photos that will secure you hundreds, if not thousands of likes on Instagram, is not simple. Even harder is, consequentially, increasing the number of followers. However, if you start by posting pictures of great quality, things come naturally, likes, comments and followers in a vicious circle that, if properly structured, will never stop. After Milan, lets stay in the north and talk about the baroque city par excellence of endless elegance: Turin. This city hides poetic angles that deserve to be photographed and admired. For the doc citizens and for tourists that desire to discover the city’s wonders, we of Idressitalian chose the top 10 places to photograph and share for an explosion of likes on your social media profiles. So now, discover them clicking the button below >


Victoria Ceccaroni

Written by Victoria Ceccaroni

Celtic Rosebud flourished in the magnificence of the eternal city: I am the Poetry, Passion and Purity. Neptune kidnapped me from the Devil’s Saddle and took me up to dance among the stars. Apollo was my teacher, Cupid my companion of adventures and Diana my muse. The zodiac is my treasure map that I follow in the eternal hunting of Beauty. I am the keeper of the secrets hidden from the sunset of a former glory, accompanied by the silent melody of Zephyr that resonates among the elderly and imposing ruins, I go to the streets cradles of immense love and intense wars. I have the spirit of a Nymph, the eyes of a tiger and the heart of Ishtar.

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