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5 Things to Beware of Before Renting a Flat in Milan

While searching for a new flat is fun and exciting, finding the ideal apartment can be an arduous task. Here are some of the things to consider when looking for rental flats in Milan

1.    Location

Location is the first and one of the most important things you should consider before choosing a flat to rent. While you could have a rough idea of where you want to live, there are some factors to consider.

For instance, do you want to live close to the central business area? Do you want easy access to shops and other essential amenities such as restaurants and grocery stores? Will you be studying or working? Are you comfortable commuting long distances or do you prefer walking short distances?

Your location will depend on your lifestyle. If you have a car, you could opt to stay away from the hustles, bustles, and the noise of the city. If you’ll be walking to your destination, consider finding apartments for rent in Milan close to your school or workplace.

2.    Have a Budget

What type of flat are you searching for? How much can you afford to pay for rent each month? Remember, you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your income on rent. Have a budget, and look for an apartment depending on your budget. More often than not, you could be tempted to spend more especially if you get bigger rooms.

However, sticking to your budget should be your main goal. What can you do if you’re a student searching for affordable flats to rent? You may want to cost-share the expenses with a fellow student. However, you should ensure that they’re reliable and trustworthy.

3.    Are there Long-term Costs?

Many people will be too excited after finding their ideal apartment. Often, they will forget to establish whether there are any long term costs involved. Apart from the rent, you will need to cater to other utilities such as; electricity, gas, and internet fees. Sometimes, these expenses will be included in the rent but this depends on the building and the landlord.

You need to discuss this with your landlord before renting the apartment. Further, you should discuss other expenses with the landlord such as the renter’s insurance depending on your landlord. 

4.    Understand Your Priorities

If you’ll be moving from one apartment to the other, avoid transferring everything you own to the new place. Establish whether or not you need all the stuff. Will you be using all of it? You may consider auctioning some of the stuff you no longer need to donate to charity. This helps you keep your new apartment uncluttered and more spacious. 

5.    Get Your Paperwork Ready

Once you’ve finally identified your apartment, you’ll handle a lot of paperwork before you can finally settle in. Many people dread having to deal with paperwork but this process is inevitable. To make the process manageable, you need to start preparing your paperwork in advance. Ensure your identification documents are in order.

Other documents you may need include: your resume, driver’s license, reliable references that can authenticate your character, and pay stubs. If you have a car, you’ll also need to work on its registration. Having these documentations in order will save you lots of time. 


Whether you are a student or already working, finding your dream apartment can be a daunting task. These tips should come in handy to make the process easier.

Vincenzo Girasoli

Written by Vincenzo Girasoli

A life dreaming and building a future that has never been so clear and fresh. Made of endless emotions that rise at the sight of the colours that my Mother Land everyday gives me. I travelled, never getting tired, to then stop in front of the blue of my Mediterranean. There I understood that something big, deep, intense and wonderful was happening; and that I would have never stopped. Diving into that sea I knew I could never go back. At the same time, I knew that those feelings would become yours. And that, together, we would have kept going faster towards something pure, authentic, genuine, happy. Something that with pride I call Idressitalian.

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