5 neighborhoods ​where to rent a house in Turin at affordable prices

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One of the biggest problems for those living in Turin is always the same: the cost of renting. And the farther you go, the more Turin has a boom in rental prices, but without an actual wage adjustment. The reasons are many: first and foremost the high transience of students. People who do not work with a strong inelastic demand, which means they are willing to rent at any price, to the detriment of the many workers who have to live permanently in Turin. Secondly, the increasingly predominant phenomenon of Airbnb that pushes owners to prefer short rents to annual rents, because they are more profitable. But if you only knew the city and were looking really well, you would be proud to always manage to get a good deal. This article will help you identify the best neighbourhoods where you can rent a house in Turin at affordable prices. Discover them by clicking the button below >

Written by Diego Civitelli

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