The 10 best beauty ​salons in Milan (for her and for him)

10. ALDO COPPOLA: Corso Garibaldi

The 10 best beauty salons in Milan – photo credit:

The company was founded in 1966 by the creative talent of Aldo Coppola, a true innovator in the world of hair and creator of a brand relevant across the world of beauty and fashion. He has collaborated with the best photographers and the most important newspapers in the world. Inside the Corso Garibaldi store you can not only revolutionize your look but also take care of your face and your body. Here are some examples from the price list:

Ladies haircut: € 80

Gents haircut: € 70

Hair curative treatment: from € 22

Manicure: € 32

Anti-age face treatment: da € 100

Address: Corso Garibaldi 110

Tel: 02 6280558

Hours: Monday – Saturday 9.00-20.00


S.D.B. responds to all customer needs, from basic aesthetic services to more specific treatments. It is an elegant hairdressing area to try, with impeccable staff and products for the care of your hair. There is also a wellness area full of perfumes, and a Solarium, equipped with state-of-the-art tanning beds capable of giving you a perfect tan in complete safety.

Face cleaning: € 70

facial radio frequency treatment: € 120

Pressure therapy: from € 50

tanning bed : € 1 per minute

ladies haircut: € 30

skin cleaning: € 20

Address: Via Victor Hugo 10

Tel: 340 676 1213

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10.00-18.00

8. LOFT VERCELLI 51: Wagner

If you are looking for a new style, Loft Vercelli 51 is the salon that enhances your personality. Sometimes finding the right look for your hair is not easy but if you rely on the Loft Vercelli staff, you will come out of the salon with a hairstyle to envy! If your hair is tired, this salon offers a special treatment for the reconstruction of the cells of each individual hair.

Hair curative treatment: € 30

Molecular reconstruction: from € 32

Restyle: from € 84

Mens haircut: from € 32

Address: corso Vercelli 51 Milano

Tel:  02 4969 1723

Hours: Monday – Sunday 10.00-18.30 closed on Tuesdays


Giader’s lab finds space halfway between the Central Station and the Republic, in Milan. This cosy salon offers you an ample choice of hair treatments. It doesn’t simply include cut and finish and restyling, but also colouring and innovative and trendy products, such as Kemon’s Framesi and Yo Color System, a cutting-edge colouring that nourishes and illuminates the hair with three different degrees of hydration. The Giader’s lab staff also helps to deal with any beauty treatment involving the body, face, hands and feet.

Colour: € 30

Mens haircut: € 18

Waxing treatment (half leg and bikini): € 30

Algae based slimming treatment: € 80

Semipermanent manicure: € 25

Address: via Carlo Tenca 22

Tel:  02 3954 9107

Hours: Monday – Saturday. 9.00-19.00


The 10 best beauty salons in Milan

A few steps from the brand new and glamorous City Life area is the Mirko Hair Stylist salon dedicated to all those women and all those men who want to outdo themselves not only in life but also in style. The young and dynamic staff is always ready to advise and pamper them because their mission is the happiness of their customers. The Mirko Hair Stylist salon, without neglecting professionalism, inspiration and passion, thus becomes that family environment where you can relax and take care of your inner self as well as your external self.

Haircut: from € 25

Manicure: from € 15

Face cleaning: from € 40

Tel: 02 4800 4275

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday. 9.00-18.30

5. ROSSO TIZIANO: Sant’Ambrogio

The 10 best beauty salons in Milan: photo credit:

Thanks to professional and always up to date hairstylists, you will always have a neat and fashionable look. It has a welcoming environment in vintage style. The service is very kind and friendly; you’ll feel like you’re at home!

Haircut: from € 25

Restyle: from € 15

Address: piazza Borromeo , 5

Tel: 02 865061

Hours: monday – saturday 9.00-18.00


The 10 best beauty salons in Milan– photo credit:

The atmosphere upon entering the Tonsor Club, located between the areas of Brera and Moscova, is that of other times. Tonsor Club uses high-quality products between vintage and novelties: Proraso and Baxter are very valid products to offer an experience consistent with stylish and nostalgic elegance. The place is suitable for the men who never have to ask for anything and always want to feel at home in a minimal-vintage environment.

Mens haircut: € 21

“Sveltina” beard trim: € 20

“Rasatona” beard trim: € 43

Pedicure: € 28

Address: Via Paolo da Cannobio

Tel: 02.49533040

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11.00-20.00/ Saturday 10.00-19.00

3. BARBERINO’S: Corso Magenta

Barberino’s is a landmark for the men in Milan: located both in Corso Magenta and in the San Babila area, the name Barberino’s is worthy of being told as a story. The term Barberino was chosen to remember Giovanni Callegari, a barber who emigrated to the United States in the early 1900s and later became very famous with the name of Barberino. This philosophy was also applied to the style of the location: the salons, in fact, present the typical style of the early 1920s. It is very suitable for those looking for excellent quality at the right price.

Mens haircut: € 50

Barberino’s trim: € 50

Moustache trim: € 10

Manicure: € 25

Tel: 02.83439447

Hours: Monday – Sunday 10.00-20.00

2. BARBER SHOP D&G: Corso Venezia

The 10 best beauty salons in Milan
The 10 best beauty salons in Milan– photo credit:

For the men who love to surround themselves with luxury, the D&G Barber Shop is a must. Located in Corso Venezia, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana wanted only the best for their barbershop. Inside the atelier, a luxurious and luxuriant style predominates, in which you experience the atmosphere typical of the 1950s. Between a shave and a cut, you can also enjoy a moment of relaxation at the Martini Bar by Dolce & Gabbana, or treat yourself to some shopping at the D&G Store. It is suitable for those looking for an experience to remember, which goes beyond the usual barbershops.

Address: corso Venezia 15

Tel: 02.76028485

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10.00-20.00

1. GUM SALON: Corso Italia

The 10 best beauty salons in Milan
The 10 best beauty salons in Milan– photo credit:

Located in the Ticinese area, the salon is renowned both nationally and internationally, thanks to the numerous articles that appeared in its honour in magazines such as Gioia, Style Magazine, Icon and AD. In addition to the usual proposals for beard styling, Gum is able to offer a unique treatment of its kind, the GUM nightlife treatment: with the aid of moisturizing creams, and warm clothes and ad hoc masks, it is able to give to the man a unique moment of peace and relaxation.

Mens haircut: € 56

Restyle: € 60

Address: corso Italia 26

Tel: 02.36601940

Hours: Tuesday – Wednesday 12.00-21.00, Thursday – Friday 11.00-20.00, Saturday 10.30-19.00

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This article was written by Giulia Lanzo and translated by Diego Civitelli

Written by Diego Civitelli

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