The 5 best SPAs of Sardinia

The 5 best SPAs of Sardinia according to @idressitalian

The 5 best SPAs of Sardinia – David Herbert Lawrence used to say that Sardinia does not look like any other place. And he is right: a land that combines the splendour of the sea with the strength of mountains. A land of a thousand colours and a thousand flavours: in Sardinia, there is everything you could search for. It is a land that welcomes you with the kindness of its Mediterranean climate and brings you to discover new sensations. If you are in Sardinia at any time of the year, let yourself be lulled and pampered by the wonderful SPAs that this land offers is one of the best ways to better enjoy your holidays of pure relaxation. Here are the 5 best SPAs in Sardinia! Continue reading clicking the button below >

Giovanna Melechi

Written by Giovanna Melechi

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