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    “Does the virus survive on clothes?” has been the most frequent question about the Covid-19 transmission’s topic. There are experts who answer with anguished yes and others, on the contrary, reassure that we do not have to exaggerate with fears, but among so many, and often conflicting, options anyone has never denied that our clothes […] More

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    The right company for a new way to travel

    There is an old Italian saying which states: “Everything must change so that everything can stay the same”. Well, it’s time to change if we want to preserve our economy and most importantly our society. Change is difficult and courageous to embrace but there comes a time in our lives where we feel ready for […] More

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    What they produce is not important, clothes, shoes, socks, or underwear. It is not important if they are luxury or not, today the fashion brands come together to support the fight against Covid-19 and they convert their facilities to produce (without competition) face masks. A pure awareness choice for the skeptics and an act of […] More

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    Etiquette and social distancing: new table manners to adopt

    Etiquette is that set of behaviors to adopt at the table, at the home of guests, on the street, which is the basis of a good education. It is a code that was born in an unwritten form, but which is then discussed and treated by many authors, from Erasmus of Rotterdam to the Italian […] More

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    The renowned leader of Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani, is now more than ever in the spotlight. Not only has he been one of the first to convert its Italian production facilities to make disposable gowns for the health workers who are fighting against Coronavirus but also the promoter of a real revolution of the fashion […] More

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    Remaining fit with these stay at home exercises

    With the Covid-19 emergency, gyms are rightfully shut and working out in the open can inconvenient as the weather is not always the best. Home exercises thus seem the only type of work out left for us to do during quarantine. Against common belief, a home workout with few weights can be just as effective […] More

  • Come mantenere la calma

    How to remain calm in small shared spaces

    Coronavirus threw China, then Italy and now practically the whole world into chaos. Just as we started to savor the warmth of spring, were ready to maybe improvise some final snow trips and plan holidays for the Easter break, our lives suddenly stopped and in a few days the entire country stopped, entering in this […] More

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    What to visit nearby Milan: 10 must-see locations

    It is always nice to visit new places not too far from Milan, especially when the weather starts to become more pleasant and sunny. It is not necessary, in fact, to stray too far from the Lombard capital to be able to admire splendid panoramas, walk in nature and discover places rich in history and […] More

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    The 5 best perfume shops in Milan for a dreamy experience

    Milan, a symbol of fashion and design, offers the possibility of discovering a fascinating itinerary of art and fragrances, finding out the most inebriating fragrances of all seasons among the historic buildings and monuments. Not surprisingly, some of the prestigious perfumeries of Milan, are located around Brera, a realm of art and culture. Also in […] More

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    The best vintage stores in Milan for a dreamy experience

    Vintage shops have always attracted fans of all kinds and ages. If you are tired of the big chains that always sell the same things and with ever worsening quality, vintage shops in Milan can be the solution for your needs. In Milan, in fact, there are not only luxury stores or those that offer […] More

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    The 5 best barbershops in Milan ​: the most traditional and innovative

    Let’s face it, the focus on one’s appearance is increasingly a top priority for us men. Especially today, for the contemporary gentleman, appearing with tidy hair and beard and with a firm style is very important. That’s why today we decided to tell you which are the best barbershops in Milan that will be able […] More

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