What to visit nearby Milan: 10 must-see locations


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Mantua is a city of elegant beauty, with two unmissable jewels: the Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te. The first was the Gonzaga palace and boasts 500 rooms, with the famous Camera degli Sposi: Mantegna’s masterpiece. Crossing the historic centre on foot along the Path of the Prince we reach Palazzo Te, where the Gonzaga family loved to spend the summer. Among the richly decorated rooms, the Chamber of the Giants and the Chamber of Love and Psyche stand out. But the beauty of Mantua is also revealed in the most hidden corners or in its lesser-known aspects: such as the Basilica of Sant’Andrea, Piazza San Francesco and the small Teatro Bibiena, where Mozart played when he was very young. Try the pumpkin tortelli and the sbrisolona cake, so called because it is very soft and turns easily into crumbles. All these specialities are well presented and easily accessible in the historical centre, with its numerous shops with a sixteenth-century soul.

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