What to visit nearby Milan: 10 must-see locations


What to visit nearby Milan– photo

Bergamo Alta is the oldest part of the city, as well as the most interesting from a touristic point of view. The heart of the city centre is Piazza Vecchia, called the “perfect square” by Le Corbusier. On the sides of the square, opposite to each other, there are the Palazzo della Ragione and the Palazzo Nuovo. At the bottom of the square, the beautiful Romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is revealed with the magnificent Porta dei Leoni Rossi overlooking Piazza Duomo and the Baptistery. Next to the Porta dei Leoni Rossi stands what is considered to be the Renaissance masterpiece of the city’s sacred art: the Colleoni chapel, an imposing mausoleum that preserves the remains of the condottiere Bartolomeo Colleoni. Other places not to be missed are the Castle of San Vigilio and the Carrara Academy (in the lower city). If you are a fan of typically Italian culture and history, a visit to the wonderful city of Bergamo is a must during your weekend in Milan.

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