What to visit nearby Milan: 10 must-see locations


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In addition to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, in Monza, there is more! This city holds artistic treasures that attest to its glorious past and develop around a large historic centre. The Duomo is a fundamental stop. Here, there are the remains of Queen Teodolinda in the Queen’s Chapel. In the same chapel, there is also the famous “Corona ferrea” (which was used to crown the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and the kings of Italy until the nineteenth century). Near the centre, there is the famous neoclassical villa: Villa Reale. It was commissioned by the Empress of Austria for her son Ferdinand and the work was conducted by Piermarini. You can visit the royal apartments, the royal chapel, the court theatre and the famous Gardens, which make up the enormous Monza Park, within which there is also the National Autodrome of Monza.

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