Remaining fit with these stay at home exercises


Home exercise
Home exercises – Photo Credit: Facebook RunningMania

An excellent way to begin your work out and to strengthen resistance and the explosive power of your legs. In a high kick run, you need to run on the spot bringing your knees up to the height of your waist. Your arms should be moving at the same time creating a 90° angle. It is important not to curve your spine: keep your torso erect, it is recommended to look at a point in front of you and to contract your abs. In the back kick run, you run on the spot but bringing your heels towards your buttocks. We recommend you to repeat both exercises 3 times and to alternate them, for about 30/45 seconds each.


Home exercises
Home exercises – Photo Credits: Instagram @Filosofit_fitness

Another very effective exercise for your legs (and for stimulating your gluts) is the lunge. There are various ways to carry out this exercise: staying still, learning forwards, backwards or walking. Independently from which way you perform the exercise, it is essential to make sure you are keeping your bust upright, bending your knees without falling forwards (or backwards), making sure your knee does not go beyond your toes. Once you have touched the floor with your other knee, then push with your front leg and go back into the starting position. Three series of 10 per leg is the ideal, alternating the movement.


Home exercises
Home exercises – Photo Credits: Instagram @andrea_spano

Push-ups are one of the most complete and effective body-weight exercises for the strengthening of pectorals, shoulders and triceps. The starting position is lying down, with toes and palms resting on the ground, arms stretched and perpendicular to the floor, legs stretched out. In the downward movement, fold your arms until you touch the ground with your chest, inhaling. In the upward movement, stretch your arms, returning to the starting position, breathing out. In both phases, your elbows must be kept lower than the shoulder line and the pelvis in a neutral position. Beginners can perform the exercise with their knees on the ground.


Home exercises
Home exercises – Photo Credit: Facebook We Believe You Can Run

An interesting exercise that involves almost all muscles in our body is the Mountain Climber. It is an excellent exercise, as it can be performed as a warm-up, in the middle of our training session, or as a cool-down. The starting position is that of the arm push-ups. From here, one knee at a time approaches the chest, simulating the smooth and controlled movement of a climb, from which the exercise takes its name. Never lower your knees or touch the ground.


Home exercises – Photo Credit: Pexels

Rule number one for a flat tummy (or for a fabulous abs, as you like) is healthy nutrition. Rule that must be accompanied, however, with a good dose of fitness. Among the main exercises for the entire abdominal area, plank stands out and has many benefits, including strengthening the buttocks, back, arms and shoulders! There is a rich series of variations, but in the basic plank exercise, starting from belly down, the arms are folded, resting the forearms on the floor, parallel to each other and following the line of the shoulders. At this point, resting the toes, the knees are raised from the ground, keeping your legs straight and closed, with engaged buttocks and core to avoid putting your weight on the back. The ideal would be to hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

PS: If you do not know a large variety of workout and you want to enrich your daily routine, you can follow the daily programs suggested by the most famous fitness apps like Nike Training and Runtastic.

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